About Us

Advent Partners offer private investment for Midlands based SME’s backed by 40 years of operational, finance and commercial experience.

Investing our own capital enables us to respond quickly to client needs, which can be key in today’s fast commercial pace. Our primary focus is aimed at companies with significant growth prospects that are currently turning over approximately £5 – £15 million.

We specialise in providing private funding of up to £0.5 million per transaction to unlock potential and maximise future development. Advent always holds an equity position within the business providing management support, driving change and delivering success.

We believe the people behind an investment are as important as the investment itself…the same goes for the businesses we invest into. The people who had the spark of the initial idea and have taken the business to where it stands today are key. Our experience provides management support, assisting board meetings, discussing problems and challenging issues that may arise.

Our intention is not to interfere in the day to day running of the company, leaving management to do what they do best. Our role is to add value to the company not only with funding but also with our approach and wealth of expertise.

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